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Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School 2010-2011

Baylee (green) and Zoie(blue) woke up knowing it was a great, fun day ahead of them! They were all wound up, and super excited! I always have them go ahead and ride the bus, then I take their school supplies up to the school. They were even more excited there. Zoie came up to me and hugged on me, as if she was saying, "Oh, mom.....I've missed my friends, do you see my friends? They're all here!" And Baylee, well, she smiled at me, then she continued to play with the toys! Didn't come over to me at all! My little girls are growing up!
Last night, Jenna wanted to have a her nails polished. We also bought a striping fingernail polish to make zebra stripes. I must say, I need a little more practice at this!We did her toe nails too! Used the striping polish on her big toe, and put lime green heart gems on them as well!

She looked so pretty today! She has grown up so much! She loves camo....so she was totally stoked to wear this new outfit!

Notice, she's not smiling with her mouth open. She got a palate spreader put in earlier this summer, because of this, she has a big gap between her front two teeth. She refuses to let me get a picture that shows this. She will get her braces put on September 7th, and the kid CANNOT wait! (crazy!)All in all it was a great first day of school! I got to go workout, and I got to spend the afternoon with Andy cuz he was off work. Now, here's to hoping we keep up the momentum throughout the school year. Sticking with a particular routine will be nice....now, if I can just stick with it!

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  1. So happy to see you all here and to get caught up with you! Your family is looking lovely Steph!!