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Monday, August 16, 2010

Chuck-E-Cheese on 4th of July

Baylee loved riding the Jet Ski! It bounced a little as the game went along!

Jenna helped Zoie race a few cars on a Nascar-type machine! Zoie is mesmerized by electronics!

This is Zoie with Barney....usually it's Baylee, but Zoie was loving on him this day!
Katy is such a wonderful aunt, she climbed through the jungle gym with the girls! They loved looking out over the restaurant/arcade at everyone!

This was Baylee's favorite ride of all! She loved riding the horsey! She kept taking us back to it over and over again! I think that ride got most of our tokens!!

Why Chuck-E-Cheese on the 4th of July, you ask? Because it was this little cutie's birthday....that's why! My niece Grace turned 6 on Independence Day, so before firecrackers and festivities of the such, we had fun at Chuck-E-Cheese.Dusty and Sunny and the kids were on their way through Kansas, moving to California.....much farther away than Missouri!! (way too far away!) Anyway, I got a picture of him with his mama! Isn't he sweet!?!

Then, of course, I wanted a picture of Andy with his brother....he put a huge smackerooni on Dusty's cheek!! Crazy man! He makes me laugh ALWAYS!!!
Here's a photo of Andy's folks! We enjoyed their help with the girls while we all chased them all over Chuck-E-Cheese (which the girls TOTALLY loved, by the way!....as if you couldn't tell!!)

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