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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have been absolutely horrible at keeping up on my blog. Read this quote today by Charles Dickens.."No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to anyone else." For some reason today this struck a chord. We often get wrapped up in the worldly things going on around us, and honestly, when I am serving others, I am happiest. So this quote helped me a lot today. I don't often feel useless, but sometimes helpless when trying to help someone else. When a dear friend is going through bitter times, when your child has a boo boo, or when you are just feeling "off" But, seriously, this quote is true. There are many times that a smile from me to the grocery clerk, could change their day. There are times when you just feel someone could use a visit....you visit them, and make their day. So, I found it necessary to share this quote with others.

I hope this silly picture of me helps to bring smiles to your faces. I was suppose to be posing for a Vogue-type shot, instead I look like I should be in the video of "Walk like an Egyptian!"

Life is so short. We should definitely focus on happy times. Life has ups and downs, but ultimately we choose which way we want our life to end up. I choose to be happy. No matter what curve ball life decides to throw at me....I will live a happy life!

The picture above is of my daughter, Jenna and my two nieces. Ah, to be young and carefree! They truly do look like Vogue Models. Do you think they could give me some pointers!

Anyhow, to update on the goings-on in the Headley household. Jenna turned 12 on April 2nd. I know, horrible mom...I didn't put anything on the blog about that. Well, she is now preparing for her first girls' camp this summer. She is extremely excited for this. My dad's birthday was on May 9th. He just turned 57. My grandma (his mom) came to town to celebrate. And of course, as always, we celebrated Mother's Day the same time.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Zoie and Baylee woke me up at 9:00AM, and I started their movie up, and thought I'd just go lay down for a little bit, they didn't make a peep! I slept until 11AM!!!!! I was so shocked when I saw the clock that I shot out of bed like a young tyke! While I was in the shower, the hubby got home from his early church meetings. We have a journal that I started in December. It was a gift I gave to him for Christmas. It's our "Love You" journal. We started keeping it so that when our children are older, they will have something from us to remember how much we loved each other, and how much we love them. So, he wrote in this journal for mother's day. It was a wonderful passage. He and Jenna then made our Brunch. We went to church. Then came home and popped our dinner in the oven (which I had prepared on Saturday to try to do better at keeping the Sabbath Day for rest!) Had a nice dinner with a delicious Strawberry Shortcake dessert! It was a wonderful start for this week.

Church is always a great way to gain perspective for the week to come. It rejuvenates the spirit and refreshes the soul. I'm so grateful to have the ability to be reminded of my worth! And, church always has a really nice Mother's Day meeting. It always makes me feel really good, and also points out areas where I could maybe work a little harder.

Basically that's all that's been going on (aside from dr's appointments and dental appointments for the kids--I won't bore you with details!)

God Bless all those Mother's that I look up to so much! I have learned much from many! Again, I will try to do better and come up with new pictures to post.


  1. Glad you had a good Mother's day. Hope life continues to treat you well.

  2. Love your new posts! Love the picture of you! Love your new blog look! I'm so glad to "see" you and catch up! Do you like all my (!)? I must be really excited!