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Monday, May 25, 2009

Jenna's First Youth Temple Trip

Now that Jenna is 12 years old, she is a part of the youth program at our church. It is so exciting! She is growing up so fast though. She had a big weekend last weekend. She had her first youth temple trip. She enjoyed the ride to Oklahoma City with the girls. The temple is a wonderful place, where sacred ordinances are performed. On their trips, the youth get to participate in some of those ordinances. She was so excited!

The Young Women group that she is a part of is full of some of the greatest young women. They are wonderful examples to Jenna. Kind and generous and willing to serve! I couldn't be happier for Jenna! She has so many wonderful experiences coming up in the future. She will be creating terrific memories.

I, personally love the temple. It is a place where the wordly things leave your mind, and where you can focus on the spiritual things! It is a beautiful building that makes you feel at home. It is the House of the Lord, and a holy place where utmost reverance is practiced.

The sky was so beautiful that day, and created the perfect backdrop for the steeple of the temple. It seems to almost glow! There was a nice breeze, and mild weather. It was perfect! Jenna really enjoyed this experience, and I was so glad that Andy and I could enjoy this experience with her.

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