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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Great Start to Memorial Weekend

We started out Friday Night having a social at Buffalo Park for church. There was kite flying, bubbles, games, and of course the playground.
Zoie and Baylee LOVED playing in the sand! They just kept going back to it. Needless to say, we had to soak clothes for quite some time in the washer, and the girls had to have baths right when we got home.

When not playing in the sand, Zoie and Baylee were chasing the geese.

They were enjoying that so much. But, there was a woman feeding the geese, and the geese were getting a little upset with Zoie and Baylee! So, we made them go back to the sand.

Jenna had a good time too. She very seldom lets me take her picture now, but here's one I was able to get.

We live close to the park, so we walked there. It was a beautiful evening, with just enough breeze to keep the girls cool. When we were finished with our playing, we headed home via walking and strollers! Jenna rode her bike. She loves doing this, that way she doesn't have to be seen right beside us! ;)

The weekend was then filled with craziness. Saturday we didn't have to do much. Sunday was church, and we took dinner to a family whose mom was in the hospital. Monday, enjoyed time with Andy's parents. They love the kids so much! They are so good to them. They even plumbed in hot water to their outside spigot so that the girls wouldn't have to swim in cold water! I know, don't we all wish we had hot water coming out of the hose to fill a small pool with! Then at least it wouldn't be such a shock when we stick our feet in!

They are genuine and wonderful grandparents! They live for their grandchildren, and my kids are very lucky to have them. They have all their grandparents here in town. How lucky can they be?!

Hope everyone had a restful weekend, and were able to remember those who have passed with fond memories. For me, I remember them fondly all year round! God bless you all!


  1. Glad you had a great week-end, Friday night was fun! Like you new blog page!

  2. I'm so glad you have our blog address. I didn't know you had one! I'll be sure to keep checking it.