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Monday, February 2, 2009

Angelman Syndrome

To my dear friends who would like to know more about Angelman Syndrome, you can read more information on http://www.angelman.org/. It is a wonderful website, where you can also support the cause. Angelman Syndrome was often misdiagnosed as cerebral palsey or autism. They're finding now, that there have probably been many misdiagnosed, and Angelman is more common than they once thought. I'm so glad, for my little girls, that they have found out the real diagnosis. This helps us get so much closer to finding a cure. I have been really blessed in the area where my Zoie and Baylee are concerned.

My mom works at Wichita State University. She now works in the President's office, and knows a lot of people on campus. She worked with the Alumni Association for a long time, and one of the women she worked with there, wrote an article about my little ones! And, they made the cover.

It turned out so cute! That day, we played outside in the sprinkler while their photo shoot was going on. So you'll see water in the photo. This article was done about 2 1/2 years ago.

Anyhow, by this being done, members of the alumni receive the magazine. There is a wonderful woman out there somewhere, who chooses to remain anonymous. She has been such a blessing for my family. She gave money to Wichita State, to the Speech department, for them to work specifically with Zoie and Baylee! All this was found out near Christmas 2006. What a Christmas Miracle! It constantly amazes me, the generosity of strangers still exists. To top it all off, there was a group that called themselves "The Holiday Helpers". They raised money between all of them, to send us to the Biennial Conference that was held in St Louis the summer of 2007. Needless to say, I cried a lot that December!

I know that one day, the opportunity will come for me to give back to someone else who needs it. And, I will definitely always remember those who did something wonderful for my girls. They included Jenna too! They bought her a beautiful shirt with ponies on it (she loves horses!) These people will never truly know the difference they've made in our lives! That conference taught me and Andy SO much! It taught us to be very grateful for what we have (although, we already were). It taught us, that our girls are very lucky to have so many individuals that love them and care for them!

I have made it my mission this year to try to raise all I can for Angelman Awareness. I pray that someone out there will read this blog and understand the need! If you would like to donate to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation in Zoie and Baylee's honor, visit the following link, which will take you to our personal fundraising page. And God bless you all!

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  1. Nice post. I like the cover of the magazine. It's a really neat picture. Keep up the good work!