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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Truly Thankful

You've gotta see this video:


A high school friend of mine posted this on her facebook. I have to say, I think I needed this reminder today. I thank God everyday for the troops that are out in the field fighting for our freedoms. I pray for their families and hope that they may be comforted while their loved ones are away. Tears came to my eyes as the pictures of the battle field ran across the screen, and as I listened to the words of David Cook's song in relation to the pictures. Also, in seeing the reunions of the families with their soldiers! God has blessed us with this great country to live in! He has blessed us with strong men and women, whose selfless acts, show love beyond measure! A love for this land, a love for their families, and a love for complete strangers! Each day, they give all their time! It's not just a 40 hour a week job--it's much more! They are wonderful people, who deserve, at the VERY least, our gratitude.

So, it is at this time, that I say Thank you....from the very bottom of my heart.....THANK YOU!!

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  1. That was really touching. Thanks for sharing it! We all can be so very thankful for our military and the sacrifices they make.