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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Angelman Goodies

I know, I've bombarded you all with Angelman "stuff", but there are some cute little poems that have been created, and once again, I have one for you......so here goes.......

Are you the Proud Parent of an Angel

If you can answer yest to any of the following questions, YOU are the Proud Parent of an Angel!

1. Have you developed the quickest reflexes around...diving for the salt shaker that is about to fly off the table...or protecting yourself from a lightning quick inadvertant elbow, hand or foot jab?

2. Do you find yourself instinctively grabbing the hands of other adult friends at the dinner table as they reach for a dish? And do you remember to apologize profusely as they look at you in horror?

3. Do you push everything into one small corner of the table at a restaurant the minute you sit down and promptly instruct the waiter to do the same?

4. Do you find yourself apologizing your life away to strangers who have been hugged, squeezed, grabbed or had their hair pulled lovingly by your favorite angel?

5. Have you ever had to buy a replacement hot dog, popcorn, or soda for another individual who had theirs snatched by the quick hands of your angel? Has a friend looked away for a moment and realized that his hot dog bun no longer contained a dog?!?

6. Do unfamiliar people wave at you and do you wonder who in the world they are? And do you later discover that your angel was busy greeting anyone and everyone from the back seat of the car?

7. Do you consider yourself a champion stain remover?

8. Do you hold the world record for hugging and kissing a child...especially a TEENAGE child?

9. Do you find yourself thinking unkind thoughts about rude individuals? And deciding to take the high road, do you smile politely or ignor the rudeness when what you'd REALLY like to say is **@@!!&%%!!**?!?

10. Have you forgotten what a good night's sleep feels like?

11. Are you thrilled beyond words when someone says the phrase "I've heard of that!" right after you've told them your child has Angelman Syndrome? Do you gasp in disbelief when a medical student says, "Angelman Syndrome" less than a minute after being put on the spot to guess what disorder your child has?!?

12. Is an angel collection taking over your home? Do you choose an angel theme for holiday cards and gift giving? Do your ears perk up any time you hear the word angel in the title of a song, book, poem or show? Do you find yourself looking for anything angel in catalogs?

13. When you hear the sound of diabolical giggling does your heart stop while your legs simultaneously fly in the direction of the sound?

14. Do you often hear the sound of water exploding from the faucet followed by that diaboloical giggling just mentioned?

15. Do you have the most sensitive, supportive, caring and loving family members all over the world? Do you have the pleasure of seeing them at reunions (otherwise known as conferences) every time you're fortunate enough to attend?

And last but not least...

Do you sometimes feel so sad, fatigued, lonely and overwhelmed that you can't imagine hanging in there much longer? But when you think about it for a while, is it impossible to imagine life without the unconditional hugs and love from your angel? There's just something about that grin and the joy that our angels express when they see us that will help us endure!
Contributed by Alice Evans

And, just imagine......This was written by a mom of ONE angel. I have two!!! So, imagine most of those doubled!! This crazy life I lead! For us, instead of hot dogs (like in number 5) it's CHEESE!!!!!! And like in number 12, I do collect angels. However, I started collecting them before I ever had Zoie and Baylee---I think somehow I must have known that I would have Angels around me, so what's a few more? And number 7, I too am a CHAMPION stain remover. Some of the stains that I have to remove frequently are blood (Zoie likes to head butt people, and we've had a few bloody noses), chocolate and pepsi (caffeine free, and diet--no extra sugar needed for my angels). I've also been known to have to get colored frosting out--we've decorated cookies or cupcakes a time or two, and Baylee loves the texture of frosting, so she grabs big handfuls, and squishes it between her fingers!

And, talk about quick reflexes.....I've definitely gotten quicker, but still not quick enough on most occasions. Lots of diabolical laughing in our house though! (especially around water) !

Thank you for letting me share with you, our experiences, challenges, and successes. It is so much fun!

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