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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life is Truly Wonderful!

Okay, so this is my first posting! I am realizing now, how totally computer illiterate I am!! This will be a short post since I know not what I am doing!! The blog world has only come to me recently, and I thought, "I should give that a try!" I have such an interesting life, after all. I just know everyone wants to read about my family! Well, why wouldn't they? We are a GORGEOUS couple, with absolutely ADORABLE children!!! Okay, I know we have adorable children, and I may have exaggerated on the "gorgeous couple" part--but bear with me.

I just have to say, life is wonderful! I am a lucky person! I have a husband that loves me (yes, whether I wear make-up or not) He does not care if I have a day that I don't even change out of my pajamas (this does happen on occasion!) And, I have the MOST beautiful little girls in the whole wide world!!! Jenna is my saving grace! Constantly she reminds me of how I need to be! She is so forgiving and so generous to all she comes in contact with. Thank goodness for the forgiving part--I am afraid to admit I am one who is often needing that forgiveness. Especially since she is pre-teen! And Zoie and Baylee--well, how much more lucky can I be? We have a couple of "angels" in our midst! And by angels, I truly mean it. Having Angelman Syndrome, all people with this syndrome are called "angels" How much luckier can I be?!

And grateful beyond measure! We are lucky to have a stable job in this time of economic distress. We have a roof over our heads, and we have food for our tummies! (just look at us, you can tell we don't go hungry!) We have a knowledge of the gospel, and of our truly forgiving Savior and father in Heaven! We have a wonderful extended family that lends support whenever needed. AND, we have great friends that lend a shoulder to cry on! Life is truly wonderful!

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  1. Hi Stephanie! Here you are, in blogland ;-) So nice to see you. Your first post is exactly what I would expect it to be. Very positive and uplifting! What a great perspective you have! Love to you and your GORGEOUS family!!