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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brace Face

Jenna could hardly CONTAIN herself. For days she had been counting down to the day she got her braces! She was so disappointed when we went for her appointment in July and all she got was her palate expander. She was really wanting to have them before school started. She wore the palate expander for quite some time, we cranked it every night. Because of this, she got a huge gap in her two front teeth. Her daddy nicknamed her Beaver! It was bad....everytime she talked we teased....poor girl! She is gonna be tough coming from the two of us!

Anyhow, after awhile, because the expander was attached to a loose tooth, it pushed the tooth out and the root was cutting into her cheek. So, we had to go in and have it looked at. He pulled the tooth and that part of the expander out. She was happy about that! PLUS, he told us we didn't have to crank the expander anymore! YAY!!! So, the gap came back together some as we awaited her September 7th appointment. (which was after school started, by the way!) She had school pictures last week....she is already determined she will have retakes so that she has her braces on in the picture!

So, here she is, sitting in the car before braces!

She made me leave a half hour before the appointment. I did it so I didn't have to listen to her beg me to go anymore. It gave me a great excuse to stop for a Diet Coke!

The appointment was over in no time! I tried to be silly while her mouth was held open with this big plastic thing that kept her cheeks away from her teeth....but, not so silly that it was more uncomfortable than it actually was! So, here are the results!

They have these little rubberbands that hold the wire on. She got to choose colors. She chose blue and lime green. She is NOT a girly girl, and states that she will NOT have pink rubberbands ANYTIME during the two years that she will be in braces!!! I keep hoping that she will turn a little girly, sometime! Until then, we will deal with blue and lime green, camo colors, and WSU colors, I'm sure! Anyhow, She has them on. It's only been one day, and I can already see a difference....INSANE how these things work!

She will have the most beautiful teeth in our entire family! Of course, she is beautiful no matter how her teeth look!!

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