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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dallas Vacation

Our Dallas vacation turned out great! We left around noon on Friday afternoon. My in-laws were renting an RV to bring Grandpa back home from Texas. So, we had to wait for it to be ready before we could leave. Since it was my mother-in-law's birthday the next day, she invited us, and Andy's brother's family to come along. We all traveled separately, but did most things together.

On Saturday, we went to Hurricane Harbor. It's a huge waterpark. My girls absolutely loved it. Obviously didn't take the camera there, but trust me...it was a good time! Saturday was my mother-in-law's birthday. So, her boys (Andy and his brother, Dusty), went out after we finished our waterpark fun, and bought her a cake at, where else? Wal-mart! It was good. She had all her grandkids there to enjoy in the fun with her. Here she is with two of the grand-daughters.

As you can see, it was a large birthday party in a small hotel room. But, lots of love! And, lots of family! And, of course, the kids' hair is wet, because, they still had to swim in the hotel pool even though we had spent the entire day at the water park. Silly kids!

Andy was fooling around taking pictures, cuz he was bored. He snapped this one of me! That doesn't happen very often. I'm usually the one behind the camera!

This is my niece Madeline (Maddie). She is my buddy! Most of my nieces and I have this understanding. We just sit and visit about whatever they want to talk about. Love those special times, cuz eventually they grow up and don't really want to talk much anymore.

Baylee and Zoie (from left to right). They had a great time on this vacation! We got to play in the water (their ABSOLUTE favorite!) They got to sleep with mom and dad....another thing they don't usually get to do. But, that's the only way we can get them to sleep when we're away from home (that and Benadryl, unfortunately). Aren't they cute?

This is my niece Emma. She is one year younger than Jenna. They love each other very much! They can never wait until the next time they get to see each other. This year, they've seen each other more than most. Her family lives in Joplin, MO. So, usually just holidays, and sometimes for a weekend visit. Mostly once, maybe twice per year. So, we've been lucky this year!

Here's Andy's dad, Bruce. He's sitting with another one of my niece's, Grace. She is in love with her Poppie! And, who can blame her, Poppie spoils those grandkids!

This is Katy! She is my lifesaver on many occasions. This is Andy's sister. She comes over often and plays with Zoie and Baylee. She even spends the night with Jenna every once in awhile. She loves to take Jenna to the movies and to go swimming. She is a GREAT Aunt. She loves all the kids so much! We are so lucky to have her.

Jenna got a hold of the camera and was snapping pictures left and right. Here's one she got of me. We were waiting around to get to leave the hotel and go pick up Andy's Grandpa. He was in a specialty hospital. We were waiting to make sure he was released so we could pick him up and bring him back to Wichita. He's 89 years old. Ornery 'ole guy!

And, of course, Andy....he can hardly ever take a serious picture! I think it's gotten worse the older he's gotten! Crazy guy! No wonder all the kids love him! Even his nieces and nephews. Our nephew Hunter use to call him "Cowboy". It was so cute! That was his nickname when Hunter was 3 years old. Now, Hunter is 16 and driving.....so crazy!

Here's the Birthday Girl with two of her grand-daughters. Emma and Maddie. It was a great weekend! We had so much fun, and lots of time spent with family. We were definitely ready to return home, though. I speak for myself only, but I was beat! The fun in the sun is draining! Always nice to get back to routine, and to your own bed!

Here's a picture of me with my buddy Grace! And Zoie laying down.....exhausting weekend. Grace likes the Disney Princesses right now. Actually, she only likes Belle! She told me this, this weekend! She's so beautiful and gives away hugs and kisses that are the BEST!! (besides my Zoie and Baylee and Jenna hugs and kisses)

Thank you for sharing in our vacation! Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy our photos! We love journaling our lives and sharing them with others!


  1. Sounds like you had a great mini-vacation! Enjoyed your pictures.

  2. I enjoyed all the introductions to your family and the faces to go with the names. It does sound like you had a fun time. Glad you got to get away and relax, or at least splash around!