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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

Yes, this week was Spring Break for the kiddos! We have had a busy week, it seems. Monday, we went to the zoo. Here's a picture of the girls in the stroller we rented from the zoo.

They really enjoyed the day. The weather was PERFECT! Jenna went with a friend and her family. But we met up with her to give her a lunch. So, naturally, I had to snap a pic.

Aren't they cute?! They are such great buds! And, boy do they get SUPER SILLY together!

They all had so much fun! Zoie and Baylee love the outdoors! After two hours of walking, though, I was feeling VERY old! My girls were worn out too. Zoie fell asleep in the stroller, and Baylee almost did--she just didn't want to miss anything. Kinda reminded me of this guy!

He sat up on this pole, and looked back and forth. He did not want to miss a thing. He was very funny!

Tuesday, we went and got the girls' hair cut. I don't have pictures. But, they look so sweet! And for the first time, they held the lady's hand and hopped right up in the chair. I only had to hold them still a little bit. And, I didn't have to hold them in my lap this time! Yeah!! My little girls are learning more and more everyday! While there, the battery in my van died. Bummer, so hubby was out of town working (3 hours away) he couldn't jump it. So, I called on a good friend. He came after us, but couldn't jump it! So, he just gave us all a ride home in his itty bitty car. But, we made it! Andy went to get it later, he jumped it no problem! Hmmm.....guess our friend was not a mechanic! he he! Luckily, no new battery needed! Hooray!

The rest of the week was spent at home. We were having a shed built in the back yard, so we stuck around home. But had a good friend come for lunch on Thursday. Hadn't seen her in a few months, and she has a daughter Jenna's age. It was so nice to catch up, and eat some good grub! That day, we also spent the afternoon and evening getting ready for Andy's campout on Friday! The weather has been so perfect, then last night while they're out camping---RAIN, THUNDER, and LIGHTENING!! Also cooler temperatures. Andy didn't pack warm clothing and texted me that it was cold. Thank goodness they could build a fire. I bet he didn't sleep great though! We'll see when he gets home today!

Had a good week with the kids, but am ready for school to start back up. I just don't seem to get much done when the kids are home. My floors desperately need mopped! Any volunteers?!

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