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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catching Up.....Once Again!

Everything has been so hectic lately! So, I find myself, once again, needing to catch up on the blog! The last photos I have are from the 4th of July. We had such a great day!

It started out with a Flag Raising and Pancake Breakfast at our Church. Zoie was so excited to be out and about, and seeing people. Here she is!

Baylee was excited also! She was just anxious to get to the pancake part! She kept going to the table and getting napkins and handing them to me!

Here is Andy (with his back facing us), Our Bishop (the other one in a scout shirt) and Brother Herbig. They did our flag raising ceremony. Usually the scouts do the flag raising, but most of our youth were out of town.

There She is! Our Stars and Stripes! How beautiful! A symbol of freedom! Troops have fought and sacrificed so much for us to have many freedoms. I am so grateful for them!

Our Bishop had a Barbecue at his house. It was Bring your own meat, and a side dish. We chose Steak. Here are Andy and Jenna grilling our steaks!

Later that evening, our friends invited us for a barbecue also. We ate really good food, and shot fireworks. Their neighborhood really knew how to do it up right! I think about half of the houses on their block were doing fireworks. There were a couple of houses that must have spent a small fortune on their fireworks. We were grateful for them. We were able to do some of the small ones that we purchased, but still watch plenty! And, they were the good ones! Here's Andy and Jenna. You can hardly ever catch them not being silly! They love to give each other a hard time!

And, for once, I decided I was going to ask someone to take a picture of us. This rarely happens! So, get ready.......Ta.Dah!!!! Here we are. Just 4 days after our 14th Wedding Anniversary! (my, time flies by so fast!)

We had a wonderful holiday! And, the 14 years we've spent together have been full of good times! We have grown and learned so much about each other and from each other. I am so lucky to have my soul mate! He is my rock! I thank God each and every day for him and for all he gives to me.
I hope everyone else had as much fun over the holiday as we did! We consumed insane amounts of food.....holidays always seem to center around food! Then, back to the work out on Monday!
Zoie and Baylee are almost done with summer school. They will get a couple of weeks break before heading back to school for the regular school year. Jenna is so excited to be in 7th grade. However, she is not anxious for school to start back up again. (typical kiddo!) We have enjoyed our time together this summer though. We have had lunches out, swimming, and lots of laughs. She has really grown up so much! We have so much fun together. I actually think I will be a little sad when she goes back to school. I'll miss her (a little bit!)
I think I'm pretty much caught up for now! More soon!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. That's a nice picture of you and Andy.